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By Inonge Mutukwa

Kasama Archdiocese Pastoral Coordinator, Fr. Edward Mutale has commended Caritas Norway for continued support and dedication to uplifting the living standards of the poor people in Zambia through the Zambia Country Programme for Governance and Livelihoods.

Fr. Mutale was speaking during the official opening of a five day National Steering Committee meeting for the Zambia Country Programme for Governance and Livelihoods at Moto Moto Pastoral Centre in Kasama, on Monday 18th August, 2015. He urged the National Steering Committee member organizations, who include Caritas Zambia, Caritas Kasama, Caritas Mansa and Caritas Mpika, to take advantage of the meeting to discuss the sustainability of the programme as a way of keeping alive what has been achieved thus far.


“As Caritas family we should inculcate the spirit of sustainability in our participants as a prime issue because it is cardinal to sustain the programme beyond the programme life.”

Fr. Mutale also said that he was aware of the achievements the programme has scored over the years as well as the concerted efforts of the implementers in realizing the achievements.

“I am very much alive to the fact that there are best practices and lessons learnt which ought to be shared for the improvement and enrichment of the programme. We should also be open-minded when discussing challenges so that we can come up with workable measures to tackle them.”

And during the same meeting, Caritas Zambia Executive Director, Mr. Samuel Mulafulafu explained that the objective of the meeting was, among other things, is to study the findings of the Mid Term Evaluation, conducted earlier in the year, and learn from that.

“This meeting is to evaluate the Mid Term evaluation focusing on the outcomes we have attained. A lot of money is being put into the programme and we need to see what has worked well and what has not worked well, so that going forward, we can focus on the things that are working well”, said Mr. Mulafulafu.

The Zambia Country Program for Governance and Livelihoods is a product of the partnership between Caritas Norway and four local partners, namely Caritas Mansa, Caritas Mpika, Caritas Kasama and Caritas Zambia.

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